The Land Of Fire & Ice


As someone who lives in New York City and constantly complains about cold weather, one might wonder why I chose to travel to Iceland for my 30th birthday. Well, it was time for a new adventure and the land of fire and ice fit the description! Animals- check, delicious food- check, trendy hotels- check, relaxation- check, once in a lifetime experiences- check! check! check!

There is no better feeling like landing in a new country and sensing the anticipations of unusual & exciting experiences!  Even though we landed at 6am the sun was shining above like it was around noon and didn’t stop glowing until after 2am! 21 hours of constant sunlight took a little getting used to, but gave us that extra surge to take a drive around the coast of iceland or what looked like another planet at times. 

It’s hard to describe the terrain of the constantly changing panorama. First you feel like your driving through a breathtaking landscape painting, then the next minute, the backdrop for a sci-fi thriller. No matter where you are, your permanent view includes brisk water, massive volcanos, snow capped mountains, steaming hot springs peppered with stark white glaciers and extensive lava fields with no ending in sight!



Our first stop was the small town or Budir, with only 8 inhabitants total. Suprisenly with such a small population, it was home of one of Iceland’s best restaurants tucked inside a cozy boutique hotel, Hotel Budir. The restaurant’s exceptional menu is seasonal and takes advantage of fresh local produce, local meats and fish from neighboring villages.



If a romantic getaway isn’t what you are looking for, explore the winter landscapes by snowmobile on one of Iceland’s glaciers! 

Arctic Adventures

 will take you on a thrilling hour long ride on Langjökull, Iceland’s second biggest glacier, with 360 degrees of mind-blowing views.


If your looking for a quick escape, just 5 hours non-stop from JFK & 4.5 from Boston, Iceland is a perfect choice! No matter if you’re looking for an adventure, unique food or some relaxation, Iceland defiantly has something to make everyone happy!

If you need help planning a trip to the land of fire and ice, contact: